South Africa to Face India in the Midlands International Polo Tournament

South Africa to face India in the Midlands International Polo TournamentSouth Africa will face India in the main match in the first International Polo Tournament at the Lions River Polo Club in the KZN Midlands. The match will be preceded by three curtain raisers and is set to thrill all fans and spectators on 6th May.”We are delighted to be hosting the Indian team and have been overwhelmed at the level of interest from the public in this event. Both teams will be at the 15-goal level and this balance in handicaps will ensure a very hard-fought and closely contested match.” Said Mark Davies, President of the South African Polo Association.The Indian side will be captained by the 5 goaler – Colonel Ravi Rathore, who has represented India in five successive World Cups. Gaurav Sahgal (4), Salim Azmi (3) and Siddhant Sharma (3) will play alongside Ravi Rathore for the Indian team.”The Indian Army consists of an incredible 1.4 million soldiers and the 61 st Cavalry Regiment is one of the last fully mounted active fighting bodies in the world. Most Indian polo players learn their equestrian skills from this elite Regiment of which Col Rathore is Commandant” said Davies.The programme for the day will start at 10 in the morning with a curtain raiser between youngsters which will be followed by a match between Ngunis & Ankoles. The teams from schools comprising of current and old boys will play at noon before the grand international event.
The match between India and South Africa will start at 1330 hrs and will conclude at 1500 hrs and will be followed by a live band performance.
l Rathore is Commandant” said Davies.
Thrilling and exhilarating international polo will be coming to the midlands area of Kwa-Zulu Natal on 6 May this year! The SA Polo Association has invited a 15-goal team from India to play against a South African team at the Lions River Polo Club in the inaugural action-packed Midlands International Polo on Sunday 6th May 2018. This date has been chosen to coincide with the enormously popular Hilton vs Michaelhouse schoolboys rugby clash which will be held the day before, Saturday 5th May, at Michaelhouse. This International promises to be a fun-filled and exciting day of entertainment. The day will kick off with a kids match between the Elands and Bushbuks at 10h00 which will showcase the younger generation who will be the future stars of South African Polo. This will be followed by a curtain raiser match between the Nguni and Ankole teams at 11h00 and then in keeping with the weekend’s rivalry at 12h00 there will be a Hilton vs Michaelhouse curtain raiser polo match. The main match between South Africa and India will take place at 13h30 which will be followed by prize-giving. There will be a live band (Angus) playing for a couple of hours from the conclusion of prize-giving to end off a fantastic day of polo and fun.Tickets are available in the form of pre-sold picnic sites or general access which can be purchased at the gates on the day. Details of these can be seen below. You are welcome to bring in your own food and drinks but there will be public caterers, coffee and public bars available on the day (listed below).The SA Polo Association would like to thank Grindrod Bank, Jonsson Workwear and SMG Jaguar Land Rover Pietermaritzburg for their support for this event.

Modern Office Furniture – Knowing and Understanding More

Office furniture is the perpetual part of an office without which an office cannot be considered an office and the quality and quantity of employees may also degrade with time. To attract clients and future employees, a proper office environment is required. Comfortable seats and tables help the employee to accomplish their daily work. The employees give 100% if they are seated comfortably and provided with a friendly environment.If you are desperately looking for the best modern office furniture you will discover that there are numerous new and old brands on the market that guarantee great performance, for example, Mayline modern office furniture, high point, DMI, etc. You will have to choose the best from so many brands without getting confused. Selecting the best will obviously be very confusing, but it is your responsibility to find out which brand will serve your purposes and will suit your office. Here in this article you will learn all about modern furniture and how to search for furniture.Modern furniture is designed keeping in mind the new outlook of the society. The designs of this type of furniture look fresh, innovative, original and up to date. In comparison to contemporary furniture, modern furniture looks slightly more informal in style. Organizations and companies nowadays opt for the modern look for their offices and conference rooms because then they can choose different styles. Mayline modern office furniture is considered to be the best. Mayline is considered to be one of a kind; it is a popular modern style supplier.Mayline modern office furniture are not one the best they are also available at an affordable price. It is obvious that while purchasing furniture, people do not want to pay more than what they can actually afford. But for good quality furniture you may have to pay a lot of money. But Mayline furniture offers very good quality furniture at a discounted price. So if you are planning to stick to your budget, then this brand will help you in getting a quality product within your price range.While you are searching for modern furniture you must know a few things before purchasing. You must consider several things before buying the furniture such as total space, storage space and the official requirements of the furniture. You can easily find furniture that you can modify according to your requirements. Consider your budget and then search for appropriate Mayline modern office furniture. If you require modern styled furniture that is functional and comfortable then you must opt for a modular computer workstation. You can find different color furniture that provides a relaxed atmosphere. This type of office furnishings provides an informal yet professional feel to the atmosphere.Mayline modern office furniture provides original and several different styles of office furnishings. Naturally, buying something just for the sake of how it looks is neither sensible nor is it advisable. So first list your requirements and then purchase the furniture as per the requirement list.

Health Insurance – Health Savings Account – HSA

Health insurance is a critical part of our health care system. For those that are lucky enough to have health insurance, they know that it shouldn’t be taken for granted. For a large number of the unfortunate who don’t have health insurance for their families, do so at great risks.Health insurance has long been a popular political subject for our country. There are many that fill health insurance should be socialized. There are just as many feel it should be kept private. While both parties may have sound arguments, we have to accept what is available to us. So, unless you’re a government employee, or one of the dwindling corporate employees still receiving health insurance, you need to go out there and get it on your own.There are a number of health insurance choices that should suit your specific needs. A Health Maintenance Organization, or more commonly called HMO, is one popular health insurance choice. HMOs are one of the most common forms of health insurance provided by employers. They allow you to visit a pre-selected hospital, doctors, or clinics, without restriction. This may or may not be totally covered by your employer, but usually comes at a fixed monthly cost.The Preferred Provider Organization, or the PPO, is similar to the HMO concept. With the PPO, you are not forced to get a little dig their doctor or hospital. When you do, however, you receive a discount for doing so. This system works on the reimbursement, philosophy. Essentially, you are reimbursed by your insurance company after services are rendered. Sometimes, they will bill your insurer at the time of service.Indemnity health insurance plans are eight other top and plan that has become quite popular these days. One reason is, you are able to choose any position or hospital you choose. The drawback to this of course is that it comes at a premium. In addition to higher costs ease typically require a larger deductible. For the hypochondriac this may not be the best choice. Those that like to make lots of visits to hospitals might find other plans more suitable. But for those that have to be on their deathbed to see a doctor, this may be an appropriate plan.The Health Savings Account, HSA, has some similarities to the indemnity health insurance plans. As the Health Savings Account is probably most suitable to the individual that doesn’t require a lot health care, or checkups. These individuals, which most commonly are men, may find the Health Savings Account to be a good choice for them.Health Savings Accounts are a way to both have a way to save and pay for medical expenses. Any contributions that are made to the Health Savings Account that go unused for medical purposes are retained in a savings account. This savings account can hold many popular investments, such as mutual funds. So, getting back to the individual that avoids medical care, this individual gifts for both best of both worlds. They get the protection of the much-needed health insurance. This provides protection against large medical or accident issues. But, if these funds go unused, they get the benefit of putting the money away for retirement. Any after-tax dollars that are contributed to the Health Savings Account can be detected, up to $2900 for 2008.Choosing a health insurance plan may seem like a very confusing process. There is no open and shut method of choosing the best health insurance. Each individual is different, with different health needs. The most important step here is to get some form of health insurance. Go in without adequate health insurance puts you and your family at tremendous risks. And those risks just aren’t worth the possible consequences.

Six Main Types of Automotive Primary Wires

Automotive primary lines are used in various applications like wiring a battery harness, general circuitry, and specialized electric connections. Different connections have varying demands, hence the need for a variety of automotive wires. Automotive leads are segregated according to the temperatures they can withstand. These wires are constructed using various materials to ensure compatibility across applications. 6 Main types of Automotive Primary WiresAutomotive primary wires are primarily divided in the following types:
GPT: These lines are manufactured to be compatible with SAE J-1128 specific circuitry.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 90 °C

TWP: These cords feature smaller diameters and are lighter than other wires. They can also be manufactured without any lead.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 90 °C

HDT: It stands for heavy duty thermoplastic. It consists of a protective layer that allows it to be used in harsh environments.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 105 °C

GXL: These cables are used in general circuitry and ground wiring of batteries. They are used in high temperature SAE J-1128 specific circuitry.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C

SXL: Like GXL wires, these wires are also used in general circuitry and ground wiring of batteries.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C

TXL: This is a low tension high temperature wire. It is light and features a small diameter.
Temperature Range: -40 °C – 155 °C
Customization of WiresIf you are unable to find the right type of automotive primary wire for your application from the list mentioned above, you will benefit from customizing your wire. A manufacturer with customization capabilities will be able to understand your application requirements and design a product that meets those specific needs. Please remember that the cost for designing and manufacturing a custom product is higher than buying a product in stock. The reason for this lies in economies of scale. A product being manufactured in bulk will be priced lower compared to one manufactured in limited quantities. This is because the cost of the raw materials, employee, or consultant fees, designing, and other factors influencing the overall cost of a product will also be lower.Depending on your application, you can opt for standard or customized wires. Your manufacturer or supplier will be able to guide you regarding the same. You can also conduct tests with sample products to check the compatibility of the product and application. You can put the wires through various stress, temperature, and other relevant tests. These steps will allow you to check the performance of the product and choose one that is compatible with your application.